Jac Cole Mosaico Napa Valley 2016

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by Jac Cole

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An old-world blend with Napa richness

    • Rich, chocolatey wine with intense berry fruit and an intoxicating aroma. You really feel the blend come through - it's a mix of Cabernet, Merlot and Malbec!
    • Jac's brought the style of Bordeaux to the USA in this dangerously powerful, full-bodied red. He blended from both hillside and Valley floor vineyards to capture the real essence of Napa. 
    • My mouth starts watering at the thought of a huge glass of this dark, brooding wine paired with some grilled shortribs - drenched in enough sauce so they melt-off-the-bone...

USA (Napa Valley)

Red Blend

Big Red

14.50% Alc


Aging advice
Hard to do, but I would recommend laying it down for at least a year to allow the softening of tannins and secondary flavor components to develop.

Serving advice
Yes, decanting is must; at least an hour before serving and two hours would be better

Local food match
Something hearty like braised lamb shanks or short ribs