Ken & Derek Crowdpleazin Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 2016

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by Ken Deis & Derek Rohlffs

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of 1,478
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Superstar Sonoma Zinfandel - from 2 of your favorite Angel winemakers!

    • This intensely drinkable Dry Creek Zinfandel brought 2 famous winemakers together – and it's been pleazin' 100,000 Angels since. 
    • What's it like? For starters, seriously velvety. Derek's great at bringing in the dark fruit flavors, and your veteran Napa winemaker Ken soaked this red in fancy oak barrels to give it an expertly fine finish. 
    • Your funding brought made this incredible partnership happen – that's why this rich Sonoma red is yours for such an insider price. 

Aging advice
3-5 years if stored properly

Serving advice
A young red wine should be allowed to breathe prior to drinking. Decanting would be best.

Local food match
Grilled meats, hearty dishes and spicy foods.