Scott Kelley Oregon Pinot Gris 2018

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by Scott Kelley

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90% of 2,283

Your classic Oregon delight - 90% rated 3 years in a row!

    • This refreshingly crisp Pinot Gris is succulent, creamy and layered with refined, citrusy freshness.

    • Only an Angel-funded winemaker would have the freedom to do something crazy like this. Scott went to the two most famous red wine regions in Oregon – Umpqua Valley and southern Willamette – and made a white!

    • Scott’s stunning Pinot Gris is a warm weather winner. Take a couple frosty glasses of it out into the garden and enjoy with chili-laced crab cakes and a fragrant Thai salad.

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Drink now!

Serving advice
Remove cork, pour, consume

Local food match
Shellfish, clam chowder, chicken alfredo