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6 months ago

Bulgarian national dancing in front of the winery on February 14th (St. Trifon Zarezan Day).
In the background, you can see our vineyards. They surround the winery. The first 5 rows are dessert grapes (we have 30 varieties for the tourists to pick and enjoy). Then we have a parcel of Shiroka Melnishka Loza (Broad-leaved Melnik vine), and at the bottom of this picture, you can see rows of Cabernet Sauvignon.

We have two mountain ranges in the background - Slavyanka on the left and Belasitsa on the right. Slavyanka is between Bulgaria and Greece, and Belasitsa is between Bulgaria, Greece, and Macedonia!

Anybody in for a trip to our winery? :)

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Rumi, I would love to come visit your winery! What fun that would be!

6 months ago


I wish i could have been there. The dances from your area that I know include Chetvorka/Maleshevsko, and a shirto. The others from Pirin are from a different part ( e.g. a krivo from Petrich, etc.) I collect the music as well. You may know the Melnik group Leb i Vino, and the singers mariana Manoleva and Nikolina Chakurdukova. The newer ones I don't have. It is such a great place, and I greatly look forward to the wines.

6 months ago


Wow, John, your knowledge is impressive!! Everybody at the winery is a huge fan of folklore dancing! We often have Elena and Yane from Leb i Vino at the winery, singing for our guests! They are amazing, especially when they sing with the bagpipe in our undeground cellar-tunnels among the barrels - the acoustics are amazing and we suspect the wine likes the music too!

5 months ago

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