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For the most famous Rosé in Provence - you know a guy...

    • With decades of winemaking experience under his belt, Bruno knows exactly what it takes to make the best Rosé in Provence!
    • Angels should know - they're the ones who discovered his immense talents and selected his Rosé the finest in a blind tasting lineup out of 37 other famous wines.
    • He’s a true master craftsman and controls everything from growing the vines to harvesting the vineyards - so, when you raise your Provence glass, you’ll be able to taste the extra TLC in every sip.

Map of the Vineyard

Bruno's Story

I grew-up on our family estate and loved our vineyards and it became quite natural to me to become a winemaker. I trained in Oenology studies in Orange (a small town in the South of France) where I have been making wine since 1973.

I love the job because I control everything from the beginning to the end. All steps of winemaking are exciting: To see growing the vines, to take care the vineyards, to control the work in the vineyard, the harvest and last but not least... the winemaking!

I think Provence wine is so special because of where the fruit is grown. The vineyard is under organic farming. This Rosé wine is issued from parcels of the vineyard positioned to the south and brightly lit by the sun.

In the beginning our winery was located the village COUDOUX. Due to the success of our wines the winery became too small and we decided to move out of the village and to build a new and bigger winery in the middle of our vineyards. The day we opened was a great joy and every day owning a winery since has been equally special, so thank you for keeping that dream alive.

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