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Jim 's Wines

The industry veteran and the amateur home-winemaker

    • An incredible duo that combines Jim's decades of experience with Tom's unbridled passion for winemaking.
    • Angel funding allowed them each to make his own wine from the emblematic Pickberry Vineyards, but they discovered that they could gain a lot by collaborating and working together to make one beautiful vineyard designate wine.
    • The result is unparalleled balance in a rich and sumptuous wine. These guys work great together and you will love the wines.

Tom says:

"Collaboration was not the original plan. Jim and I each had a share of the fruit from the legendary Pickberry Vineyards, and we thought we would make two different wines.

But we realized how good the wine could be if we worked together, and we wanted to bottle most of it as a 100% Vineyard designate. We proposed to the Angels that we do a collaborative bottling of 100% Pickberry Merlot, and I would keep just a tiny fraction to build a Merlot blend on my own while the majority goes into this great collaboration with Jim.

Jim and I really enjoy working together. We share many other common interest in addition to wine. Our winemaking philosophies and style preferences are very similar. We hope that we will be able to continue our collaboration for a long time. I've been enjoying and studying fine wine for over 35 years but Jim's got the actual hands on experience in big cellars and that's been an invaluable resource (as well as a great friend!)"

Tom's Story: 

I made my first wines in 2007, and began winning awards in competition.

There was always that dream to go pro, but there was just no way that could afford to do that...or so I thought.

I became an Angel in August 2012, the company had just launched and I was one of the first 1,000 Angels in the US. Thought it was just the most amazing concept. It seemed almost too good to be true.

Then I met Rowan, Jim Olsen, and some other winemakers at my first Angel event. It was all real. All the wines were delicious. Everybody had this look of glee. And there was this energy in the air.

I brought some of my wines to Rowan one day, and he actually liked ‘em. He said that if I wanted to make wine at the Angel-funded winery... that I actually had a shot.

Thanks to Angel funding, my dream of being a winemaker is reality. I get to use top of the line fruit from legendary vineyards like Pickberry. I get to work with really smart industry vets like Jim. And I get to live my dream. I owe it all to my fellow Angels.

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Michelle Valier Bowman
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If you cannot find me I am probably busy sipping one of my favorite Naked Wines!

Carol Palkki-Sarna
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Since my better half and I have found Naked Wines it has taken us to a different level! A different level in food preparation a different level in social interaction and a different level in just plain old enjoyment of life! Our journey has just begun and we have learned to slow down, breathe and go to places we never thought we would! Thank you Naked Wines for enlightening us and giving us the chance to be part of a wonderful creation of superb wines! Cheers!

Tracy Davis
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I live in Southern Oregon wine country with my husband and two cats. We found Naked Wines through my sister-in-law who has been telling me about the "club" for months. We're looking forward to getting our first 1/2 case and checking out the wines. We are into bold and complex reds - Zin, Syrah, Tempranillo and Malbec.