Joao Brito e Cunha

One of Portugal's top oenologists. When it comes to finding amazing grapes at low prices, Joo knows exactly where to look!

  • Joao Brito e Cunha is consultant winemaker to some of Portugals most prestigious wineries. Including our own Mario Negreiros.
  • Joao is one of Portugals top oenologists - when it comes to finding amazing grapes at low prices, these guys know exactly where to look... precisely where no-one else does.
  • Support Joao to in his new venture and get a sensational case of wine in return.

Map of Joao's vineyard

Joao Brito e Cunha's Story

"Our family is since many years ago relationated with the Douro History, Region and Wine. I descend from D.Antónia Adelaide Ferreia, which was my grandmother. So since I was young we went many times to the Douro Quintas. The winemaking, but most the blends and tasting of many diferent wines at that time, was something that fascinated me. 

Each wine that I make is different. I work in one of the top region in the world, where we have so many different variables, with different - sun exposition, altitude, age of the vines, soil and many and rich grape varieties. The combination of all of this details with knowledge you get will allow to get many different wines.

I always work to get the balance, respect the nature and the Terroir in each wine. I try to get identity and unique flavours from ours grape varieteis. 

I believe our wines show unique flavours, not as know grape varieties, they are very gastronomic wines, not commercial wines. Small quantities wines from the old world. They are serious, complex wines, with lots of minerality, which comes from the great Terroir that the Douro region has got.



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