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Two of your favorite winemakers join forces in the Angel-funded winery

    • This is a perfect example of the interaction and camaraderie at your customer-funded winery in Sonoma. These winemakers were working on two separate zins until they tasted each other's wines and couldn't resist a little blending session.
    • Ken Deis and Derek Rohlffs make excellent wines independently and when their powers combine, they are an unstoppable force of nature.
    • This is the first time we've had a winemaker collaboration on this scale so let us know how you like it -- should we encourage your winemakers to play together more often?

Ken & Derek .'s Story

This is the kind of collaboration that could only happen in the Angel-funded winery in Kenwood, Sonoma Valley.

Normally, winemakers can get a little competitive when they have to share a winery and they're fighting for sales to the same buyer -- but Angel funding means these winemakers can relax and focus on making great wine instead of turning everything into a competition.

Ken and Derek were each making a Zinfandel in 2012. They quickly realized they were working with the same grape grower and were naturally curious about how differently their wines would turn out. Throughout fermentation, they had opportunities to taste each other's wines at the Angel-funded winery. And then this funny idea started to set in

Ken would think "Actually, I wouldn't mind blending a bit of Derek's Zin with mine to get some more balance." And at the same time, Derek started thinking "I could do with a bit of Ken's Zin in my final blend." Well, that's a match made in heaven. When the two winemakers approached us about combining their wines, we jumped at the opportunity. 

This is the first such collaboration and illustrates the amazing environment your winemakers work in at the Sonoma Valley winery. 

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