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LangeTwins Family



5th-generation guardians of Lodi Wine Country, growing 30+ varietals from 67+ vineyards

  • For founders Randy and Bradford Lange (themselves, identical twins), the success of the family's sustainable Lodi winery, wines, and vineyards is multigenerational they carry a rich tradition as farmers and stewards of Northern San Joaquin Valley's wine lands.

  • The LangeTwins Family has vinted wines from their estate grapes since 2005, but they’ve worked with the likes of wine giants for decades including Robert Mondavi to establish new vineyards, experimental varietals and trial innovative farming techniques. 

  • Now Angels are helping the LangeTwins Family cultivate an impact through their love of sustainable farming and support of a community. They say, “if you want to go far, go together” they’re in wine for the long haul, just like you!

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