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Some of the finest Port producers we've come across, who also happen to make excellent wines!

    • Along with his sister Claudia, Oscar Quevedo has brought a new lease of life to his old family vineyard. And they're making you fantastic wines in the process!
    • Having had over 100 years of experience in Port, the Quevedos turned their expertise to still wines just a few years ago.
    • With your support, they're introducing Angels to the best wines in Portugal. Oscar found true happiness in the vines of his family business – and YOU gave him that!


Map of the Vineyard

The Quevedo Family's Story

Back in 1889, our ancestors lived in a small town, and didn't have that many options but to grow grapes and make wine. This was and still is what the land grows and what people know to make. 

Our family has been growing grapes and making wine in the Douro Valley all that time. Now we (brother and sister, Oscar and Claudia) are currently in charge of the business – and fifth generation Quevedo winemakers!  

From 1889 - 1986, no exports were allowed to take place from our vineyards. All wine had to be exported from the city of Porto, where the foreign merchants were based. This was a way of protecting foreign merchants' businesses! So until 1986 our family made wines to sell in bulk to the merchants.

Now we can export wines directly from Douro Valley. The family currently grows 300 acres in the Douro, using these grapes to make Port and wines. 

The Port and Douro wines market is quite concentrated in five companies which control about 90% of the market. Angels came along at a time when internet sales were incipient. For a small family business like ours it was the perfect match! We wanted a young project where we could meet wine drinkers, talk to them and make the wines just for them. Nakedwines.com gives us the time to focus in what we know better which is to grow grapes and make wine – less traveling is necessary for us to sell our wines. 

Our commitment to winemaking starts by producing wines from grapes that we grown in our own vineyards. This means that instead of buying grapes we much prefer to grow them, as this way we better control the quality of the grapes and understand the potential they have to make the best wines out of them. Back when the internet was new, we started blogging at a time that twitter or facebook were unknown. Our passion for blogging brought us lots of fruit! We were able to connect to many small wine merchants, all over the world, that were looking for small family projects to represent. And that's how we meet Rowan. The rest is history.

Our winery is in the heart of the Douro valley, in São João Pesqueira, northeast of Portugal. This is where everything happens for our family, in terms of grape growing and winemaking. If you plan a visit to us, fly to Porto's airport (direct flight with United from Newark), rent a car and drive East for two hours. On the way you will see the breathtaking UNESCO heritage landscape of the Douro river/ valley. You may get lost, but you won't regret! Come, we will be happy for training our English with you!

-Oscar & Claudia

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Greetings. My name is Doug and I joined Naked Wines in 2016 through the introductory Voucher. Looking back, it was one of the best moves I have made. Great Wines at Great Prices and Guaranteed Satisfaction. Come on in folks, the waters here are excellent. Cheers 🍷

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Take a fish boating with some wine

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