Santiago Gouguenheim






Santiago's Wines

Talented Argentinian winemaker from a top-notch family estate

    Years Angel-funded: 2013-15

    • Santiago grew up making award-winning wine with his dad on the family's Argentinian estate – in fact, that's where he is now – Gouguenheim Winery.
    • In fact, his dad introduced him to Angels. And when Santiago wanted to make a passion project of his own, you're the first people he asked for start-up capital! 
    • This young winemaker has all the technical know-how of an Agricultural Engineer and he's got his wise dad looking over his shoulder too.

Map of the Vineyard

Santiago Gouguenheim's Story

The legacy continues with Santiago Gouguenheim who, after working several years at the family winery, got out and made his very own wine. Yearning for something new and different, but still honoring his family's traditional style, he combined his knowledge as an agronomist and his experience gained in the winery to create a new, young and unique Malbec. 

You're gonna love everything you taste from Santiago!

Santiago's Archangels

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