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This niche Napa specialist offers world-class Cab with exceptional value

    • In addition to his day job running a world-famous Napa winery, Ted Henry runs a small-production Cabernet house that focuses on his favorite parts of the valley: Stags Leap District and Coombsville.

    • “For me, this is mecca - where great wine is made. I’m a kid in a candy store. Napa is a fascinating place - so well preserved as an agricultural region even though it’s near the city," Ted says. And while it’s flush with top-shelf, top-dollar Cabernets galore…

    • Ted insists there is incredible value in the niche eastern hills and prime pockets of Napa Valley most wine drinkers don’t yet know. “Angels’ support can help the quest to find great value in top quality Napa Cabernet. Thank you!” 

Ted's Story

Ted Henry's interest in wine was sparked when he was in high school, not by drinking it, but by hearing his uncle wax poetic about the labels in his cellar. "There weren't so many things like that, industries that were so full of passion, storytelling, and collecting." While visiting his older cousin who was studying at UC Davis, he happened to tour the winemaking department and was amazed to discover that he'd be able to build a career around wine.

“I fell in love with the complexity of wine and the wine business at an early age and never looked back.”

After graduating from UC Davis, he found a winemaking home in Napa, first working a harvest in St. Helena, and taking jobs at fine wineries including Trefethen and Jarvis before heading to Napa’s eastern hills, specifically Coombsville, and falling in love with the magic of the Valley.

Ted’s day job is leading a highly-accoladed, famous Napa winery, but his passion project is crafting wines that show off the niche regions of Napa Valley he’s admired for years. In fact, he was one of the first winemakers to put the Coombsville region on a label with his own brand, Prime Cellars. This was long before it was officially recognized as a prestigious AVA. 

“I believe that there are no two wines alike and every wine is a reflection of the winemaker's style and the area the grapes were grown," Ted said. "My wines are no different. There is a bit of mystery and magic in every bottle."

“Cabernet is king in Napa and I am all about crafting it in my own way. I find that other varieties can add to the complexity and get the finished wine to the place that I am looking to be.”

Ted’s story with Naked started as a COVID-Fund rescue back in 2020.  Angels brought on Ted’s “PRIME” collection of wines, which had been independently produced and sold in a local downtown Napa tasting room co-owned by Ted before COVID closures impacted his sales. The community support helped Ted through a year of lost tasting room sales, and he was able to cover costs and fund his 2020 harvest.

Fast-forward a year - what started as a rescue buy turned into a Naked collaboration with Angels and Ted. He’s now making Angel-funded wines starting with the release of Rebel Muse, his first Napa wine for the customers of Naked made possible.

“Angels’ support can help the quest to find great value in top quality Napa Cabernet. Thank you!”  

This is a feel-good moment for you Angels. Ted is a great example of a winemaker doing incredible things with the support you offer - together you’re making great wine possible and helping one of the world’s best winemakers flourish. 

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