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Small town farm boy turned big city sommelier and winemaker

    • This winemaker is also a masterful chef and sommelier who worked in a Michelin 2 Star restaurant in NYC! William is obsessed with the relationship between food and wine, and he makes outstanding food wines as a result.
    • Spending time in the restaurant business, William saw exactly how much capital you need to make good food and wine. He's infinitely grateful that the Angels are footing the bill for his new wine project and he can't wait to hear what people think about his wines.
    • Thanks to angel funding, this farmer/chef/sommelier can add one more profession to his business cards. winemaker extraordinaire! If you're a foodie and a wino, you have to try William's wines and start a conversation on this page.

William Henry's Story

"Early in life, I developed a taste for the passions of cooking and all things created out of hard work. That interest in cooking was instrumental in developing my palate for wine tasting and understanding that food and all things beverage go together.  

I grew up in Oregon and opened my first restaurant there so I was perfectly placed to learn about the wine business that surrounded me. After working with some great chefs and winemakers around the Pacific Northwest it was time to branch out on my own.

Whether I was picking the wines for fancy restaurants like Danube, Esca and BLT Fish, or raising pigs for the Oregon state fair, I always knew that hard work and diligence are the path to success. You have to be passionate to create memorable food and wine

After working eight harvests in Oregon, France, Germany and now California I’m ready to create something special on my own. Wines that bring in elements from each of these great regions!"

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