Christian Patat Appassimento 2014

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by Christian Patat

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Stefano di Blasi Poggio di Guardia 2015

Christian uses the Italian sunshine to dry out these grapes and make them EXTRA concentrated, a rich and powerful wine that's silky smooth.

    • Christian has created the Naked Godfather of the big reds - and it's at a price you won't believe.
    • He semi-dried grapes in the Italian sunshine to create a deliciously intense wine like nothing we've tasted before (this is the Ripasso technique normally used only at very expensive luxury wines like Amarone)
    • Every delicious sip is jam-packed with tantalizingly intense fruit. It's dark, brooding, powerful and practically bursting with sumptuous Italian charm.

Aging advice
4 years

Serving advice

Local food match
Great wine for roasted meats and with game dishes such as wild boar and deer. Excellent with mature and savory hard cheeses, it is also a good meditation wine.