David Akiyoshi Sangiovese Rose Lodi 2013

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by David Akiyoshi

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Robust, rose with a luscious body

    • Ooh, here's a pure, fresh rose that still tastes like the Sangiovese it came from.
    • There aren't tons of Sangiovese vineyards growing in Lodi but when you find the right one and pick at the right time, everything comes together. And David knows how to pick 'em.
    • I'm calling it. David has made this summer's blockbuster rose. This is a pink wine that will make you blush.

Aging advice
Now to 2015

Serving advice
Nicely chilled 40-45F

Local food match
Summer time foods: Grilled Lockford sausage and veggies skewers. Watermelon salad w/ cotija cheese