David Marchesi Provare California Zinfandel 2016

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by David Marchesi

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85% of 884

Super-rich and round Zin, grown along the North Coast

    • Imagine crawling through brambly raspberry vines, hunting for the perfect, plump, sun-drenched berry - this Zinfandel is your prize! It's a pop of perfectly ripe and naturally sweet juice.
    • And thanks to your funding, David was able to finish this wine with a bit of barrel aging. Oak gives this California red a bit of intensity – you'll taste it in the finish! It's got that rich, savory kick like veggies fresh off a grill. 
    • ...Speaking of grills,your Angel-funded red makes for a great steak marinade - rest your meat overnight in about a cup of wine, add in soy sauce, olive oil and a dash of salt and herbs. Zinfully delicious!

Aging advice
This wine will drink well immediately - but can benefit from waiting three or more months before enjoying.

Serving advice
Open the bottle 20 to 30 minutes to breathe before enjoying

Local food match
This wine will pair well with pizza, pasta and grilled foods