• Irene Paiva is a big deal in the Chilean winemaking community. She’s worked her magic on a number of best selling Chilean wines such as Caliterra, San Pedro and Sena.
  • But Irene had a pet project she wanted to bring to life using grapes from the lesser known Cachapoal Valley. The gnarly soils mean the vines have to work super hard. The yields are small, but the fruit is intensely flavored.
  • Irene’s got a magic touch when it comes to making wine, and this bottle of Cabernet’s no exception. It’s a BIG, juicy wine that’s great for all kinds of meals. 

The Facts About This Wine

Aging advice
The keeping potential is until 4 years

Serving advice
Serve at 16 y 18C, ideally decant it 20 minutes before serving.

Local food match
Game meats such as wild boar and deer and red meat in general.