Jean Philippe Moulin Vintage Champagne 2006

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by Jean Philippe Moulin

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Jean Philippe Moulin Champagne Brut

Authentic Vintage Champagne that's aged since 2006 - one of the oldest most remarkable Champagnes you can find anywhere.

    • Polish your best flutes and buff up the ice bucket... this is it! Jean's vintage Champagne (yep, the kind from Champagne France) is a showstopper.
    • JP Moulin - the genius behind Ruinart, Mumm and Baron de Rothschild Champagne -  has produced this treasure exclusively for you. Vintage sparkling is a rarity- and an immediate mark of top-quality.
    • His drop-dead gorgeous vintage Champagne will give the most famous labels in the world a run for their money. And it's under $50 for Angels, which is just crazy town.

France (Champagne)



12.00% Alc


Aging advice
This vintage is ready to be taste but can also be stored in a good cellar for 3 to 5 years without problem because of the 100 % Chardonnay. It will just become more complex and rich, so you will move slowly from the apéritif to the main course if you keep it more than 3 years.

Serving advice
This unique cuvée must be open for a great event with Champagne connoisseurs, otherwise it will be a waste and the commun consumer will not appreciate all the complexity and elegance of this awesome chardonnay vintage.

Local food match
This pure chardonnay vintage can be paired with very high end foods like caviar, lobster and delicate white meet. You can also paire it with truffles and great dry gost cheese or old parmegiano