• Ken Deis has been a Napa man for nearly 40 years, so it took us off guard when he started talking about his passion for the Central Coast. But we're happy he's expanding his horizons because this Roussanne is almost as big as his red wines!
  • If you've never tried Roussanne, then you have to get this wine because it will blow your mind. It's very rich and warm for a white wine. Goes great with rich, creamy food. 
  • Every time you start boiling pasta, make sure you have a bottle of Roussane in the fridge. Get in the habit!

Winemaker Video

Map of the Vineyard

The Facts About This Wine

Aging advice
drink on release to 3 years old

Serving advice
Serve chilled at 8-10C

Local food match
Drink with heavier fish, roast chicken or most anything that you would drink with Chardonnay.