Matt Iaconis Riesling Monterey County 2015

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by Matt Iaconis

of 882
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of 882
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84% of 1,229

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Racy Riesling with a touch of sweetness

    • A racy little Riesling with a touch of sweetness and a nice, clean finish.
    • After the success of Matt's sweeter wines, Angels wanted to see what he could do with some well-grown Riesling -- the results are Angel-funded deliciousness.
    • If you like spicy food, keep this Riesling right next to the Sriracha -- it's great to have a zippy wine with a sweet side that can rein in hot dishes and let you keep eating til you run out of wine.

Aging advice
Wonderful now, has the acid and fruit profile to excel for 3-7 years

Serving advice
Serve chilled but not too cold

Local food match
Anything spicy!