Scott Peterson ROX Sonoma All Blacks 2013

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by Scott Peterson

of 7,154
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of 7,154
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92% of 7,154


93% of 414

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Huge ratings on a HUGE wine

    • Richly layered, this is so powerful and soooo supple, like an iron gauntlet in a silk glove (that's every budding wine nerd's favorite expression, but it's SO true here).
    • Angel funding let Scott break all the rules to make a totally unique wine that's all about texture and letting the vineyards themselves create the blend. 
    • My mouth waters just imagining a big glass of ROX and a tender, sizzling flank steak.

Aging advice
Will benefit hugely if you wait til 2016, can age for several years after that

Serving advice
Pour a glass and let it breathe for 30 minutes before attacking it, decant if possible

Local food match
Baby back ribs, baby!