Scott Kelley Oregon Pinot Noir Magnum 2017

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by Scott Kelley

of 19
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% Would Buy It Again


93% of 2,659

2017 Magnum

84% of 19

2016 Magnum

94% of 361


95% of 4,735


91% of 6,793


93% of 1,680

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Scott Kelley Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2017

Rich, robust Oregon Pinot - in a 1.5L MAGNUM edition!

    • It's a holiday classic at this point - a 1.5L MAGNUM of the most popular Pinot on the site! Last year's special edition Oregon Pinot from Scott was so popular, he made it again!
    • Your 94% rated superstar red is back inside a massive collector's edition bottle - right in time for Christmas dinner! Putting this Pinot in a 1.5L magnum helps the wine age more gently (thanks to a better air-to-volume ratio) so you can age it even longer - that is, if your patience is stronger than ours....
    • Only 20,000 exist - so if you want an epic holiday centerpiece this year, you've got to act fast.

Aging advice
This is your special holiday treat, made to enjoy now!

Serving advice
This 1.5L is a big, delicious bottle! Open carefully and enjoy.

Local food match
This Pinot goes with so many great holiday meals. It also pairs wonderfully with banh mi sandwiches... and bacon!