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He's sniffing out top-quality Cali wines for $15 (or less!) - that's his promise

    • D.H. is the man behind the curtain - the seasoned winemaker who’s spent over 40 years and 50 harvests crafting everyday brands for huge chains like Total Wines and BevMo.
    • No doubt, with all that experience, Dave’s made hundreds of wine connections. And he's leaning on them to find you the top California wines at best deal – he promises you'll never pay over $15 per bottle!  Great wine, he says, can be easy on your pocketbook. Now that’s a winemaker to love.
    • He’s been lucky enough to see dozens of countries as a winemaker, crossing the equator every year for work. And with Angels’ help, he’s making wine under his own label for the very first time… after 4 decades in the biz, it’s a brave new world!

D.H.'s Story

Dave’s spent 42 years and 54 harvests making quality wines for incredible value, working for vineyards across the world and wine giants like Total Wines and BevMo. If you’re looking for an expert on how to get the most flavor for your buck, you’ve found him.

D.H. began his wine career in California - a time he lovingly refers to as his "gypsy" winemaking years. He spent over a decade flying back and forth across the equator to do 2 harvests per year! 

It was the lure of travel that got him started in winemaking – back when he was a college kid in search of adventure.

Attending UCSD, with no clear career path, I decided not to return one Fall and travel instead,” said Dave. “My dad, a professor at UC Berkeley, lent me his faculty card to check the job board, needing money to go abroad.  The posting for a grape crusher at Veedercrest Vineyards caught my fancy. I hit it off well with the owner, and when the harvest was all buttoned up in December, he gave me introductions to two contacts in France and encouraged me to return for the next harvest.  I spent the next 3 months working in Burgundy and Bordeaux, with a barrel exporter and on a vineyard, respectively. Loved it.

…and history was made. 

Ask him what kind of wine’s his favorite, and he’s torn. 

From my years in New Zealand I have a leaning toward Sauvignon Blanc in whites,” he says, adding, “but Pinot too, because it can be so sexy… and Cab… and because they kill with marbled steak, Bordeaux-style reds.

Sounds like this guy loves all styles of wine - and he wants to make them all for you!

Dave signed up to nakedwines.com because he wanted to make some killer wines at great value for the Angels.  “I want to make all the wines that I dub ‘moreish,’ he explained. “Wines that once I have that first sip, make me want some more.”

...and he’s relying on crowdfunding to make it happen.

Thanks to Angels, my time is spent sourcing & blending wine. It’s not not taken up with bankers, marketing, and selling (which aren't really my forte!)

Now that he's settled in Sonoma County with a little extra time on his hands, Dave can explore his other passions, too. Beekeeping, cycling and fly fishing… to name a few!

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