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Head Winemaker at your Angel-funded winery

    • Franc Dusak is a rockstar behind the scenes. Over the past decade, he helped some very big names make their 90+ point wines. And now he works at your Angel-funded winery, helping some of your top-rated winemakers carry out their vision.
    • It's time that he sees the light of day, gets credit for his winemaking skill, and gets to put HIS name on the label. That's why he's working with Angel-funding to make his own range of delicious wines.
    • Franc's always done an impeccable job, and now that his name's on the bottle and his reputation is on the line, his wines are just rocking our world. 

Franc Dusak's Story

Franc may know every square inch of Sonoma Valley as your winemaker, but his deepest roots are in Slovenia. It's there 3 generations of Dusaks make wine – with Franc being the latest member of the family to carry on the tradition. 

By day, Franc's the winemaker in charge production at your Wine Studio. He oversees production for hundreds of Angel-funded wines... and thanks to your support, gets to make some for himself, too!

The next time you find yourself sipping some Dusak reds, take a look at the label details. Everything from the name "DVK," which stands for "Dusak Vinska Klet" – Franc's original family winery – to the image of the "Triglav," an iconic Slovenian mountain, pays tribute to the grand impact his family has had on his own winemaking journey.

Looks like his winemaking fate was in the stars  – and on his birth certificate, too. All three generations of winemakers in the Dusak line have been named Franc!



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