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Jim's Wines

Jim's been trawling around Californian cellars looking for the best deals for decades.

    • Jim didn't just study wine at the University of California, he taught about it for 30 years. 
    • He's been around the block in California working mainstream jobs like La Crema as well as quirkier side projects like growing Portuguese grapes in Californian soil.
    • Jim's been lurking around cellars around California for decades and consistently unearths the most surprising deals we've ever come across.
    • He's just won our Winemaker Fantasy contest with his latest dream to make a WHITE Barbera

Jim Olsen's Story

"I don't like the notion of status, prestige, or exclusivity that permeates many wine publications and promotions. I don't think a bottle of wine is a trophy.

It's great to know where wine is made, from which grapes, and how its made. But it really comes down to this: does it taste good? does it give pleasure as you drink it, preferably with nice food and the lively conversation of companions?

My winemaking philosophy is guided by those principles. I like to harvest when the grapes are ripe, taste good (I eat a lot of grapes!), and the flavors and structure are in balance. With a good start, those properly harvested grapes are on their way, and I mostly stay out of the way as the wine ages in barrel or tank.

After that, the hard part is selling it.

This is where the wonderful assistance that the Angels comes in, allowing winemakers to do what they are good at. Nakedwines.com contacted me (I hadn't heard of them), we met soon after, and I felt at home in a group of professionals (kindred spirits, really) with whom I could honestly share my feelings, and who wished to assist me to realize my goals. I was floored!

Thank You."

Jim's Archangels

Archangels are our most interactive customers. They know our wines inside out and help us discover new wines for the site!

Poor Robert
6,563 Posts • 5,789 Likes • 368 Followers

I live in Missoula, Montana where I am a retired lawyer/Insurance Company CEO. I love the Naked Wine concept and the camaraderie of the host of angels and angelic winemakers I am getting to know. Good wine, great price and good friends, what more could I ask. I see NakedWines as a supersocial network with benefits;

Nigel Cundy - Naked in WA
1,935 Posts • 1,314 Likes • 178 Followers

Jurhee Ivy--with a proud Texas Halo
5,280 Posts • 3,869 Likes • 247 Followers

Marla McNamee (Naked in Spanaway Washington)
1,174 Posts • 1,201 Likes • 164 Followers

Sweet to semi-dry wine lover. Loving my wine tasting journey. I enjoy trying many different wines and NW has helped me to evolve my taste in wines so that I now enjoy many more varieties.

Angela Goydish
2,077 Posts • 1,450 Likes • 184 Followers

Wine has become a hobby for me. I enjoy trying new wines and am constantly learning. A perfect night for me is sitting home with family, enjoying a nice dinner, a game of cards, and few bottles of good wine!

Carol Lynn Coronios - Naked in NY
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It's amazing how your tastebuds mature! I've gone from Boone's Farm to the best there is here at Naked Wines - all in less than 5 decades! During that time period, I've been a professional rider & trainer, an English/Social Studies teacher, a travel agent, a coordinator for a national business barter organization, a support staff and a trainer for a NYS government agency - and the owner of an equine video & photo company. I've lived/worked in NY, KY, TX, SC, OR - and back to NY. I've also started two groups: 1. Northeast State of Wine, so we in this area can share the fun! Please come join in - our wineries create deliciousness from grapes, apples, pears, berries...you name it! - and 2. Sharing Made Easy - LINKS.. - where wine-related info, either links or copied & pasted info (with credit, if appropriate) can be shared. This is to help others find info that is frequently discussed - until our techies (or NW corp) set up an efficient Search feature. No comments - just links/info.