Naked Winemaker

Randy Hester



A cult winemaker in the making - that YOU rescued!

Years Angel-funded: 2016-17

  • When the Napa Earthquake struck Randy's barrel storage, he lost an unimaginable amount of wine. Angels rallied around this talented young winemaker and gave him the money he needed to make it to the next vintage and he is eternally grateful for your support!
  • Randy spent years behind the curtain producing wine at some of the most enigmatic cult wineries in California that have people waiting in line for years to spend $100+ a bottle. Now he runs his own successful wine company, Lightning Wines, and splits his time between CA and his home state of Texas.
  • He learned from legends of the wine world that the secret to producing great wines has much more to do with finding great fruit that can speak for itself than it does with the marketing hype.

Randy's Activity