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The woman behind 1000 wines...

    • It started as a few odd jobs in the cellar, and turned into a winemaking gig – Over 30 years later, Sharon can't imagine ever wanting to do anything else. 
    • Working as a custom crush winemaker, Sharon's responsible for some seriously great wines - THOUSANDS over her 20-year career. But she's always disappointed after the wine's shipped off... all that hard work, and she never hears what becomes of it! 
    • Now that you've made her an independent winemaker, she can't wait to share her big, enthusiastic winemaking style with Angels - and hear what you think!

Sharon Weeks's Story

Sharon is a custom crush winemaker who has been making wine for other winemakers and wineries for the last 15 years on the Central Coast in California (she can't tell you who her clients are, but you would know them if she did). Prior to that, she spent a solid 18 years working for the mega-brand, Constellation Wines.

After her husband (a fellow winemaker) got a promotion that involved moving the family onto a winery, Sharon laced up her own winemaker boots. It started with a few odd jobs in the cellar and turned into a career of her own. "I quickly forgot I ever wanted to do anything else!" she said.

"As great of a job as winemaking is, it is my relationships with the people I have met that have enriched my life. If I had not been a winemaker, I would likely never crossed paths with most of them... and I would have missed out on many of the best times of my life," Sharon explained.

This veteran winemaker's style doesn't fit a stereotype well. "I often surprise people with my reactions and perspectives," she said, noting that she sees her wines as a reflection of her personality. "They'll enjoy the adventure," she said, smiling.

For the first time in a 30+ year winemaking career, Angels are giving Sharon the opportunity to watch her wines enjoyed from start to finish. "For me, it's always a bit sad to make a great wine, only to sell it and have it shipped out, not knowing what became of it." 

She's determined to make her best wines yet for the community – and can't wait to hear how you enjoy them.

"These wines are made for friends, family, and memories," she said.


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Larry Reilley Naked in PA & NJ
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"Life is too short to drink cheap wine"

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Since my better half and I have found Naked Wines it has taken us to a different level! A different level in food preparation a different level in social interaction and a different level in just plain old enjoyment of life! Our journey has just begun and we have learned to slow down, breathe and go to places we never thought we would! Thank you Naked Wines for enlightening us and giving us the chance to be part of a wonderful creation of superb wines! Cheers!

Karen Smith
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I love cooking with wine ... Sometimes I even put it in the food!

Doug and Pam L
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We not only like wonderful wine, we also enjoy creating beautiful art. You can see some of it at

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