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Rockstar winemaker — he literally makes wine for Foghat!

    • After cutting his teeth at biiiig wineries like Inglenook and Corbett Canyon, Steve specialized in warmer climate wines in Argentina and Southern California. He still consults at several top notch wineries in Argentina and makes wine for British rock band Foghat.
    • Steve's excited to work with Angel funding because it's a new opportunity to make small-volume, high-quality wines exactly the way he wants to make them.
    • If you like that warm, rich Mediterranean style then Steve is going to knock you off your feet.

Steve Rasmussen's Story

In 1979, Steve was fresh out of school and selling attic insulation door to door in California. And believe it or not, he knocked on the door of a famous winemaker named Andre Tchelistcheff. This guys is called the "Dean of American winemakers" and is often listed as a mentor to the legendary winemakers like Mondavi. After that, Steve devoted himself to winemaking (which is a whole lot more inspiring that insulation sales) and he's never regretted a moment of it.

Steve developed his skills at world-renowned wineries like Robert Mondavi, Inglenook, and Corbett Canyon. As assistant winemaker in the latter, he met Don Talley, founder of Talley Vineyards, where Steve would spend 2 decades making wine.

Steve has proven himself as an outstanding winemaker consulting for several top-notch wineries, including 8 located in Argentina. He's been featured on NBC's In Wine Country and he was even tapped by British rock band Foghat to make a range of wines for the band. 

The new chapter is working with Angels to make great boutique wines that showcase everything that southern California has to offer.

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