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Angel turned winemaker

    • Tom Shula was one of our first 1,000 Angels. His passion for winemaking led him to make a barrel or two in his garage.
    • His wines were so fantastic that we took a huge gamble. 49,999 other Angels teamed up and raised about a million bucks for Tom to work with his dream vineyards and make his dream wines at a professional, state-of-the-art winery!
    • If you like rooting for the little guy, Tom's your man. He started in his garage and now he's making award-winning wines and living his dream. All thanks to you!

Tom Shula's Story

I've been enjoying and studying fine wine for over 35 years.

I made my first wines in 2007, and began winning awards in competition.

There was always that dream to go pro, but there was just no way that could afford to do that...or so I thought.

I became an Angel in August 2012, the company had just launched and I was one of the first 1,000 Angels in the US. Thought it was just the most amazing concept. It seemed almost too good to be true.

Then I met Rowan, Jim Olsen, and some other winemakers at my first Angel event. It was all real. All the wines were delicious. Everybody had this look of glee. And there was this energy in the air.

I brought some of my wines to Rowan one day, and he actually liked ‘em. He said that if I wanted to make wine at the Angel-funded winery... that I actually had a shot.

Thanks to Angel funding, my dream of being a winemaker is reality. I get to use top of the line fruit from legendary vineyards like Pickberry. I get to work with really smart industry vets like Jim. And I get to live my dream. I owe it all to my fellow Angels.

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