DRG Daryl Groom Barossa Zinfandel Shiraz 2017

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by Daryl Groom

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A decadent Californian twist on Penfolds Grange

    • Daryl makes this bold, sexy, fruity and super-smooth wine from the estate vineyard he planted in Barossa Valley. 
    • That region is home to some of Australia’s greatest Shiraz vineyards - and it's where Daryl decided to plant some of the only Zinfandel grapes into Australia. So this wine is a unique cross of the flagship grapes of Oz and Cali, made by one of the best winemakers to straddle both continents.
    • This blend is really unique and it's rare to find these two varieties married into a holy union in the bottle. But we gotta say... the marriage really works!

Aging advice
It's really lovely now. I love the fresh pepper and spice and forward fruit. It will get better with a few years of age as the tannins and youthful acidity will soften and integrate more.

Serving advice
In really hot weather, serve a little chilled. Otherwise it's ready to just open and serve straight out of the bottle. Helps if there is a wine glass!

Local food match
This is a wine that works well with so many types of food. From red meat to salmon and everything between. I love this wine with pizza or burgers. It would also be an awesome red wine match to any spicy or gamey foods and it's great with BBQ.

Map of the Vineyard