DRG Daryl Groom Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley 2017

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by Daryl Groom

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Seductively juicy, world-class Zinfandel (from a Zin Grand Master)

    • When you drink Daryl’s iconic Dry Creek Zin you’ll be overwhelmed with dark, juicy deliciousness and understand exactly why this guy’s your 8-time winemaker of the year!
    • Classic Dry Creek Zin from 4 premium vineyards that grow amazing high-quality Zinfandel that sells for $40, easy!
    • Don’t be fooled into thinking Daryl’s Zin is only for fancy occasions. This intense juice-bomb goes INSANELY well with a spicy, pepperoni loaded pizza, as well as sticky, slow-cooked ribs – no cutlery necessary.

USA (Dry Creek Valley (Sonoma County))

Zinfandel | Primitivo

Big Red

14.50% Alc


Aging advice
Drink it now if you love youth and fruit but know that it will age extremely well for 10 plus years. I think best drinking window is in 2-4 years time.

Serving advice
Just open and enjoy out the bottle. If drinking young a little air will really help the fruit jump out.

Local food match
Really any red meats or food with spice like curries. Also awesome with hamburgers and pizza or ribs.