Matt Parish Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir 2017

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by Matt Parish

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This 90% rated Pinot is your Hollywood blockbuster

    • Your fan-favorite, full-powered Pinot Noir from the "Napa Valley of the South." Just shy of L.A., Sta. Rita is famous for its gorgeous cool climate wines that sell for $50+ a bottle.
    • Matt made a voluptuous Pinot, harvesting celebrity fruit from two celebrity vineyards and aging the juice in seasoned French oak barrels – for a full year!
    • This is a top-shelf wine that YOU fund from scratch – be proud. One of California's most expensive wines is yours for a bargain! 

USA (Sta. Rita Hills)

Pinot noir

Fruity Red

14.50% Alc



Aging advice
I would say the wine will drink best with another 6 to 36 months of age in bottle.

Serving advice
The wine has had 3 months in bottle to settle, but will certainly improve with decanting when opened.

Local food match
Perfectly suited to have with your Thanksgiving feast and other gamey dishes - duck, lamb, chicken and turkey all will pair well .... enjoy!