Naked Winemaker

Dalia Ceja & Everardo Robledo



The heirs of Carneros' winemaking dynasty

Years Angel-funded: 2012-18

  • Dalia and Everardo have been friends their entire lives and winery neighbors nearly as long. Both watched (and lent helping hands) to their parents, the Cejas and the Robledos, as each rose to impressive winemaking fame– and built two of the biggest winemaking dynasties in Napa.
  • Their bright and vivacious Carneros wines (and brilliant food recommendations) amassed this duo a major Angel following, with thousands watching their every wine move!
  • Dalia is currently Director of Sales & Marketing at Ceja Vineyards. Sonoma winemaker Everardo is heading up his family's iconic winery, too - as Winemaker/CEO for Robledo Family Vineyards.

Dalia Ceja & Everardo's Activity