Naked Winemaker

Montse Reece



Spanish winemaker at home in Dry Creek Valley

    • Leaving Spain for Sonoma, Montse earned her stripes in the Pedroncelli family, becoming only the third winemaker in the iconic winery’s 90+ year history and the first without the namesake.

    • It was love at first taste when she tried American Zinfandel. She’s since become a champion of the distinct Zins and reds of Dry Creek Valley — resonating with the flavors, sense of place and food friendliness all reminiscent of growing up in Catalonia.

    • While she’s found a home with a big winemaking family, she wasn’t born into one so she never thought she’d see her own name on a label. With Angel support, Montse is fulfilling her dream to bring her wines to the table.

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