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Made Pinot for the most famous brands in the USA before striking out on his own

    • The Pinot Noir expert who made Robert Mondavi Private Selection and Estancia Pinot Noir for over a decade. Scott's wines have fans all over the country.
    • But Scott's passion was to make his own wine where he had complete control and the freedom to focus on quality winemaking instead of corporate branding and marketing hype.
    • Angels funded that dream, and Scott is making breath-taking wines in Oregon that will blow you away with their silky smooth flavors, stunning freshness, and incredible value.

Scott Kelley's Story

Scott Kelley first started working in the vineyards back in 1991. “I grew up in an ag family,” he explained, "but I fell in love with Chemistry."  After toying with machines, working harvests and watching grapes bubble up in tanks, his interests in winemaking – the true marriage of chemistry and agriculture - became official when he enrolled at UC Davis to "study all things fermented." This included brewing (as in beer!) – he's a certified brewmaster – and, of course, some serious wine science.

Winemaking brought him to the likes of Estancia Estate and Robert Mondavi Winery. His time with the famous winemaking patriarch, including serving as the Director of Winemaking representing Robert’s interests in Italy and Australia, allowed him to “really appreciate Robert’s philosophy on wine and life,” said Scott.

Thanks to Angels, Scott can now focus on creating amazing wines of his own– and he’s busy showcasing the incredible wines produced in the Pacific Northwest. “It’s exciting,” said Scott. “It’s night and day to corporate winemaking.” And he’s not planning on stopping anytime soon– if Angel customers would even let him. His 94% rated Pinot Noir is one of the most popular on the site… and his passion is palpable. “Everyday is a new day, every vintage is a new canvas,” he said. “There’s a new challenge every year– as well as a new opportunity.”

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Loving my Naked Wines in Hilton Head Island, SC, formally Chicago, IL

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It's amazing how your tastebuds mature! I've gone from Boone's Farm to the best there is here at Naked Wines - all in less than 5 decades! <br /><br />During that time period, I've been a professional rider & trainer, an English/Social Studies teacher, a travel agent, a coordinator for a national business barter organization, a support staff and a trainer for a NYS government agency - and the owner of an equine video & photo company. I've lived/worked in NY, KY, TX, SC, OR - and back to NY.<br /><br /I've also started two groups: <br />1. Northeast State of Wine, so we in this area can share the fun! Please come join in - our wineries create deliciousness from grapes, apples, pears, name it! - and<br />2. Sharing Made Easy - LINKS.. - where wine-related info, either links or copied & pasted info (with credit, if appropriate) can be shared. This is to help others find info that is frequently discussed - until our techies (or NW corp) set up an efficient Search feature. No comments - just links/info.

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“The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars.”<br /><br />― Benjamin Franklin