Jim Olsen California Chardonnay NV

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by Jim Olsen

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of 665
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Best Rated Chardonnay - 85% customer approval

    • Easy drinking and refreshing with just some light oak, this Chard shows off Jim's years of experience tinkering with Chardonnay in big wineries like La Crema.
    • The key to this wine is Jim's clever blending of rich Central Coast grapes and cooler climate Mendocino grapes to make a balanced and fun wine.
    • You need a balanced Chard in your life because it's rich enough for food but light enough to drink on its own. Guaranteed to get people sipping.

Aging advice
Enjoy over the next 12 months

Serving advice
Open and serve, slightly chilled.

Local food match
Whole chicken slow roasted over grapevine cuttings in a Weber barbecue, served with grits (creamy polenta) and braised chard.

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