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Hugely talented winemaker from the Clare Valley

    • Hailing from Australia's Clare Valley, Adam Barton began as a winemaker after tasting a glass of Lindemans 1965 Hunter River Burgundy– "Magic," as Adam describes it.
    • Winemaking since '01, Adam carefully selects his vineyards and growing partners, and throws in lots of care and attention to the smallest details.
    • 2016 marks his debut with U.S. Angels. Give him a warm welcome! 

Map of the Vineyard

Adam Barton's Story

Adam Barton has been winemaking since 2001 and largely started as a result of tasting a glass of the 1965 Lindemans Hunter River Burgundy which he describes as magic!

Adam completed a commerce degree straight from high school. His first job was as an assistant manager of the cellar door at Rothbury Estate in the Hunter Valley. This led to subsequent roles in wholesale, retail & marketing. However, his interest always led back to the winery and to the winemakers who were very generous with their time and helped fuel Adam's interest in winemaking and production. He tested his way with several vintages as a cellar hand before finally studying to be a winemaker!

When asked what it was about his job he loved, Adam replied with 'The diversity of the work... driving tractors in the vineyard, in the winery, laboratory work, tasting, sales.... it's perfect for someone with the attention span of an ant." 

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