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Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Matt Parish Pilot Hill Gang Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Out of stock - more coming soon. In the meantime try Matt Parish Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2016

Ex-Chief Winemaker for Treasury Wine Estates in the Americas overseeing Stags' Leap, Beringer, Chateau St Jean, and more

    • Matt is an all-star. He was the Chief Winemaker for the Americas at Treasury, responsible for big name wines like Beringer, Stags' Leap, Chateau St. Jean, Etude and many many more.
    • But the better he did, the more he was promoted, and the farther he got from the cellar and vineyards. It's the good winemaker paradox. When you're very good, they take you out of the winery and stick you in a business suit. So we gave Matt a chance to get back to real winemaking.
    • Matt's a laser-precise winemaker. We ask him for rich, smooth Napa Cab. He delivers. We ask him for silky, elegant Central Coast Pinot. He makes the best one we've ever tasted.

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Matt Parish's Story

"The wine world is due for a shake-up. Winemakers often don't get the respect and opportunity they deserve, customers don't get the wines they want and it's time for a change. I'm really excited to join the team, which is intent on transforming the wine business and has grown from being a start-up to an international business in less than five years. The winery in Sonoma is already producing some super wines -- my job will be to ensure they get even better."

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Chris Henderson
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I am a computer geek working for a large consumer products company. I have always liked wine to a certain extent since I was old enough to drink it (or my parents would let me try it). However, I was seriously bit by the wine bug a number of years ago and began trying everything! I now have a cellar with over 200 bottles (and really shouldn't according to my wife, as I am the only one in the house that likes wine). Of course, it means I need to have more people over to share it with :). Bas vers le haut!

Karen Smith
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I love cooking with wine ... Sometimes I even put it in the food!

Kevin (And don't call me Shirley!) Adler
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Jurhee Ivy--with a proud Texas Halo
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Paul Weil
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This wine is sweeter than stolen honey and if it tasted any better, I’d drop my harp plumb through the cloud!