Work with us

We're not just drinking wine…
we're changing the world (and drinking wine).

We're not just drinking wine…

We're changing the world (and drinking wine).

Work with us

The crowdfunding revolution is well on its way, and there is no area where it can make as big a difference as in wine. 2 years after starting in the US, is running a community that is 100,000 "Angel investors" strong, supporting over 150 winemakers around the world to create incredible wines at incredible prices.

The very best winemakers in the country have noticed our growth and some have even started working exclusively for us (Rubicon, Grange, etc.), and we're also gaining the attention of the up and coming US wine drinking audience that's hungry for a smarter way to shop for wine, at the intersection of the famous 3 C's: content, community and commerce.

The best part is that we are still in the early days, scratching the surface of the full market potential, just beginning to optimize every exciting part of the business, from customer acquisition to retention.

If you…
  • …dislike the status quo in general

  • …are curious, pragmatic, data-oriented, and slightly contrarian

  • …picture yourself as a trendsetter, take pride in the impact you can have in the world

  • …have a strong sense of humor and don't take yourself seriously

Then we may have a role for you to play in this big movement of ours!

Current openings

We're always on the lookout for smart Naked People.

Right this second, we only have the following specific positions available.


Junior Copywriter

O Copywriter, Copywriter, wherefore art thou Copywriter? If you’re a crazy good writer who thinks that the way most companies write about wine is ridiculously boring, and wants to change the world… Then we may have a spot for you in a quirky little office full to the brim with wine samples and overlooking beautiful Californian wine country. more…


Cost Accountant

You interested in being our Cost Accountant? We’ll be indebted to you… Is efficiency your middle name? Do you own costing processes, go giddy for goods journals and idolize inventory balance sheet management? Ho boy, is there a job in the wine business for you. And not just any business – the largest 100% DTC winery in the US and growing. =if(cost_account=you,TRUE) apply here. more…


Financial Analyst

Do you have an inquisitive mind and a head for figures? We are looking for a dynamic, self-driven Financial Analyst to join our growing team. more…